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Update: 05/11/2024

Progress is slow going right now, as I have a lot of other projects on my plate. including the comic. That said, the Mask Gallery is officially open!

I'm 142, welcome to my Digital Crawlspace!

I am 142, the resident webmaster and multi-masked architect of this fine hole in the siding of the internet. Here you can find many things, most prominently my art and writing! So sit down and browse some comics in the reading nook, or wander the ever-growing art gallery. You can even interrograte me as I mug you in the alleyway! The choice is yours!

Hello there! I'm Wiggle Waggle Antivirus Pro®!

She's the custodian you could say, tending to the site for me to make sure nothing goes awry! You may be wondering what an antivirus program is doing on a website, and not chilling on my computer? Well to that I ask is your antivirus a sentient, fluffy floating serpent of variable length? No? Well, be sure to say hi if you see her around!

Sup Brah! I'm Koooooooool Lynx!

And this here is Kool Lynx, websurfer extroardinaire! He's a bit behind the times as far as "cool" is concerned, but this little dude's a master navigator of the triple W. Man's got a refined palate for all things web so you know what he's picked out is special! Be sure to say hi if you see him! He's always got something on his mind!

The moon touches nothing
Down here
Framed in purple and blue

The leaves find their own glow
Silent and dim
Kissing one another
As the breeze suggests

But my eye skips
Across those leaves
And sinks behind the black

As I wonder over what
Lives between the lights

Up Next!

  1. Make Mask Gallery

  2. Make Kool Lynx

  3. Make Wiggle Room

  4. Make Soulbearer Page

  5. Make Index/Sitemap

  6. Make Ocs Page?(Unconfirmed)

  7. Make Shrines?(Unconfirmed)

General Work

  • Post Comic Pages

  • Add to art galleries

  • Create 2024-2025

  • Add audio to pages

  • Blog posts

  • Secret pages

  • Audio for Wiggle Waggle

  • Audio for Kool Lynx